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A Peek Inside a Montessori Playgroup!

Monday Reading - Links and Things

Kate's Montessori Nursery at Totally Montessori

Image: Totally Montessori

We have some exciting news to share. We are expecting a new addition to our family. The boys are beyond excited to have a new sibling due later in the year. I experienced a missed miscarriage late last year so I've had difficulty sharing this pregnancy. I am still really hesitant to talk about it, however, I am sure we will have some infant Montessori content appear as time passes and we begin to prepare our home and family. Here are a few articles I've been enjoying this week. 

Kate's Montessori Nursery (pictured above) at Totally Montessori. It's really beautiful, peaceful and calm! 

Montessori for Infants: Heuristic play and Treasure Baskets at Oumm Anna. 

Loose Parts: Who is doing the thinking... the children or the toy? at Fairy Dust Teaching. 

I love this block play at Odrai Le Blog. 

Today I visited a gorgeous Montessori playgroup environment (at The Gap, Brisbane). Check in tomorrow for my feature post including a few Montessori DIY ideas from Amanda (playgroup facilitator)!  

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