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Ensuring my children have a well-balanced and nutritious diet is my highest priority. Most of our food decisions are well thought out. I completed a nutrition unit at uni and I know how to read a Nutrition Information Panel. However, there are times when I'm shopping in a hurry and my children ask for random snacks and I need to make a quick decision. Or I see a new product I want to try but I can't stop to read the label. It's at these times the Health Star Ratings on food can be really helpful. Until recently I didn't... Read more →

We all want to be available to our children, to be there when they need us. But is it possible there are times when we are too available, that asking us for help is quicker and easier for the child than working it out for themselves? I have written many times about the importance of giving the child time and space, not to hover. Well, I'm now suggesting there are times we need to make ourselves 'not so' available. It wasn't that long ago that Otis claimed he couldn't tie his shoelaces. His teacher told me could and that he... Read more →