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We Both Read Books at How we Montessori

About Dogs / Animals Under Our Feet / About the Ocean / About Bugs / Endangered Animals

Do you have a learner reader at home? Otis is still learning to read. He will read independently at school but at home, he is sometimes hesitant and on most occasions, he will ask for me to read to him. Elaine recently recommended this series of books and I ordered them immediately, they have been fantastic! I hadn't seen any books from this series before and never would have found them on my own so a huge thank you to Elaine for looking out for us and sharing such a brilliant resource!

The We Both Read series of books are designed for the parent/educator/adult to read with the child. The books come in various reading levels. I ordered a variety as I didn't know what level would suit Otis and I knew I could keep the older levels for later. Otis' level of reading is best suited to the Level K to Level 1. I found there was a big jump in Level 1 to Level 2 books. 

Each book has two pages on the open spread, the left page is for the adult to read, the right page is for the child to read. There are a few sight words but overall it is well suited to Montessori and other learner readers. The concept is really clever and it works!

We Both Read  About Dogs at How we Montessori

Above is About Dogs which is Level K-1. As you can see the adult reads the left page and the child reads the right page. This is a little easy for Otis but I think that is why he likes it so much. It is a lot of fun to read with the child! 

We Both Read  Animals Under Our Feet at How we Montessori

Above and below is Animals Under Our Feet which is the reading Level 1. This is more Otis' level. The more challenging words (on the child's page) are in bold. The child can also read with an older sibling or other family members. The books we have in this series are all around 40 pages long, which is much longer than standard readers and makes them a substantial read. Sometimes Otis doesn't get through the whole book but I know his reading endurance will increase over time. 

We Both Read  Animals Under Our Feet  Chipmunks at How we Montessori

All of the books we have in this series (pictured top) are really sweet, there are lots of high-quality photographs and engaging illustrations. I have found them to be informative and factually correct. Most importantly my learner reader really enjoys them!

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