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Where can I find a Montessori floor bed?

How we Montessori - Floor Bed Examples

First, I want to say that I am personally in favour of a mattress on the floor, no frame, no extras. I would choose a thin but firm mattress. We used a mattress on carpet floors in Victoria and the ACT (Australia) for many years with no concerns about mold. We vacuumed under the bed weekly but didn't do any specific airing. I know that this will change with locations and it might not be for you. We've also had really good heating so the cold hasn't been a concern. In some ways having the soft edge of the mattress means the child can wiggle off without any hard edges.  

For our next child (due early Sep) I am looking at floor bed frames, it makes the room look finished and the bed cozier, the frame also clearly defines the edge of the bed, I'm thinking the child is less likely to fall out. I'm not sure exactly what we will do, perhaps look at custom made options. Shipping from overseas is generally cost prohibitive so if you know of any Australian sources please let me know! However globally there are lots of floor bed options and if you are looking for something custom made these are all really good examples.

1. Etsy has a few good options, this one is from Highland Wood in Canada. 

2, 3, and 4. Woodly based in Italy (ship to Europe and US) have really gorgeous beds, I like the stackable beds but they have a few to choose from. The mattresses look so good and are recommended from 7-8 months. 

5. This is another Etsy option that appears really popular in Europe. 

6. I don't know where to source these beds but they are lovely. The young child can't roll out but can climb in and out at the opening at the foot of the bed, really cozy. From Lisa Mahar's home

7. Pippo Bed at Die Mobelschmiede (Germany).

8. DIY at Katie Made This.

9. Woomo Child Bed Sides

10. Wooma Child Bed Feet.

11. and 12. Lettino Futon at Madori Design. 

Not pictured is the European Floor Bed Frame (made in the USA) at Micheal Olaf.

Some other really good ideas include getting a trundle bed and removing the wheels/casters, or removing the legs from a bed base, often you are able put them back on later when the child is ready. If you have any other ideas please let me know!

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