Montessori Materials - High and Low
Five Fantastic Learning Ideas to Try!

Currently... In our Montessori home.

Dinosaur Play at How we Montessori

We set up a new indoor play area using some artificial turf. Who knew it would be so popular? At the moment it's covered with dinosaurs!

Refresh art shelves at How we Montessori

Refresh of our art area. At the moment it's all about paint! This area gets used daily so we simplified and cleaned up a little. With our art shelves, we apply the same principles that we apply to our toys. Rotate - keep the favourites, put away what isn't being used and occasionally bring in some new materials to spark or further develop an interest. 

Otis building with Magformers at How we Montessori

I love Otis' Magformers creations (can you see the heart?). 

Baking chocolate muffins with Mavella

Baking ridiculously healthy chocolate muffins with Mavella's Brain Boost.  

Otis baking chocolate muffins at How we Montessori

You can use the discount code 'howwemontessori' to receive 15% off all Mavella products. 

HWM Otis writing essentials

Writing essentials! Otis struggles with a couple of cursive letters so we keep the cursive chart nearby. We write in the dictionary the words Otis asks for frequently. He can then look up the word rather than ask over and over. At home we also use cursive handwriting worksheets

I hope you are having a great start to the week! 

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