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Wherever you are, however you celebrate...

Otis painting paper craft rabbits for Easter 2017

We've had a wonderful start to Easter. It's been nice and relaxed, busy without rushing. We are coming to the end of our school holidays so the boys have lots of arts and projects in progress, there is lots to work on. We are also spending time this weekend with family.

Otis paiting paper craft rabbit Easter 2017 at How we Montessori

We are not big consumers at Easter. We often have an Easter egg hunt but this year the boys will share only a few chocolate eggs. The celebration is about hope, renewal and new life and I don't feel the need for additional gifts. We are rejecting the consumerism that abounds at this time of year. The boys, however, have made some low footprint Easter crafts. 

Otis drawing nose on paper craft rabbit for Easter 2017

Otis is pictured with our paper craft Easter rabbits c/o Box Eds Paper Crafts. They come in a digital file so there is still time to make them for Easter! There is a lid on the top of the rabbit, perfect for hiding Easter eggs! 

Otis with finished paper craft rabbits easter 2017 at How we Montessori

Wherever you are, however you celebrate, I hope you have a safe and wonderful weekend. 

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