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Feature: The Montessori Company

The Montessori Company  Home Environments

Image: The Montessori Company, Home Environment 5-12 Months.

We are in the process of planning a Montessori nursery and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Today I wanted to share with you a new feature at The Montessori Company that can guide you through the process. The Montessori Company is dedicated to ensuring the beauty and philosophical consistency of Montessori environments everywhere, making it easy for parents and guides to buy hand-crafted products designed to follow Maria Montessori's philosophy.

On The Montessori Company website, you can view three Montessori nurseries or rooms (one pictured above) and you can click on each area and see the specific product recommendations for that area. For example in the areas for sleeping, physical care, movement, and for feeding/eating. All products are listed in The Marketplace. Some of the products are stocked by The Montessori Company and others are through alternative vendors. This feature takes a comprehensive look at the child's prepared home environment like I haven't seen before!

The products in The Marketplace have been curated by an AMI Montessori Guide. Michelle is an AMI trained primary and elementary guide and has almost finished the Assistants to Infancy (0-3). Michelle and her husband Paul are expecting their first child in August and so naturally there is a focus on 0-3 materials! 

  Infant Materials at The Montessori Company Black, White and Red Cards - Animal and Geometry ImagesRattle, Grasping Beads, Egg with Cup and Peg with Cup / Green Gobbi Mobile / Octahedron Mobile

The Montessori Company also stocks a wide range of downloadable card products including vocabulary, three-part, culture and maths cards. I love finding new and different downloadable cards as they are affordable and accessible no matter where you live. The Montessori Company card products are unique as they are all painted by an in-house artist and are therefore all very beautiful! The downable products are all suitable for the home and school environment. 

Cards at The Montessori Company at HWM

Vocabulary: Fruit /  Culture Cards: Africa / Matching: Invertebrates / Math Tickets: Addition

I also love to find some Free Printable Materials. The Montessori Company currently has Part of an Airplane, Bird Vocabulary Cards and Riddles cards as part of their free printables. 

Michelle is passionate about helping parents and educators and this comes through in the care and consideration in developing The Montessori Company and The Marketplace. Congratulations to Michelle and Paul on this venture and best wishes for August! 

This post is sponsored by The Montessori Company. You can also find The Montessori Company on Facebook and Instagram!

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