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Five Fantastic Learning Ideas to Try!

What plants need for growing at Montessori Little Pearl

My children have a week left of the school holidays including the upcoming Easter break. I've been putting away a few activity ideas. Here are five I can't wait to try! All of these require simple materials that can be found around the home. 

1. What Plants Need for Growing at Montessori Little Pearl. I love the labels above the jars. So effective.

Using photography as inspiration for Painting at Natural Learning

2. Using photographs as inspiration for painting at Natural Learning Kids. This is a great idea to stimulate learning and I love this choice of photograph, it's clear and close up with distinguishing features, could match to a child's interest. 

Art Projects for Kids

3. Kandinsky Common Core Art at Art Projects for Kids. A project including art history, common core standards and make something really striking.

God's Eye Weaving at Crumb Bums

4. God's Eye Weaving at Crumb Bums. Using really pretty wool to make it interesting.

Shape Poem at

5. Shape Poetry at Wings, Worms and Wonder. This is really clever, for slightly older children.

I hope you find some of these ideas useful for the home or classroom! 

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