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Ideas and Inspiration for Kids Who Love to Paint!

  Materials for children who love to paint at How we Montessori

I'm particularly inspired by all the painting that is going on around here! There is paint everywhere and I couldn't be happier. In our children's art area we encourage the use of natural and recycled materials, however, we also have a fantastic range of painting materials and supplies! Need some inspiration or ideas?

  1. Paint Pumps (similar US here). These have been so useful and we have them in all of our 2-litre containers of paint, there is no spillage and it's not possible to accidently empty the whole bottle. They are easy for a child or adult to use. 
  2. Bulk Paints. We have been using so much paint that it makes sense to buy our basic colours in 2-litre containers. We have 500ml bottles of special paints like metallics or fluorescent colours and water colour paints.
  3. Brushes. We love to have a range of brushes available from Ikea brushes to the chubby brushes to the thick professional wall painters type brush.  
  4. Paint Pots. These have been invaluable, especially as they have little lids to keep the paint fresh and when painting might occur in short bursts. 
  5. Stencils (similar US here). Use with a sponge or a foam roller. 
  6. Foam Roller. 
  7. Various Paint Palettes. 
  8. Tempera Paint Station (similar US here). This station is convenient, the paints last forever and the colours are fantastic. 
  9. Texture Wands (similar US here). So much fun! 
  10. Paint Scrapers (similar US here). These are new but really good for finger painting or for children who love to experiment with the texture of paint. 
  11. Splatter Screen
  12. Textured Foam Rollers (similar US here). These are fun for patterning and even the youngest child can use them. 
  13. Paint Stamps. We've found these work best on paint stamp pads or when painted with a foam roller. 
  14. Pattern Makers (similar US here).
  15. Natural and other sponges. These are great for experimenting.  

I hope you find some of these ideas useful! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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