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Literacy Games to Support Your Child's Learning

Literacy Blocks at How we Montessori  c:o

One of the ways we can support our child's learning is to incorporate literacy games into play. This is particularly useful if your child goes to school and you want to have fun rather than give them a specific lesson at home. There are countless games we can play many with just a pen and paper. When Otis started reading c-v-c words (consonant-vowel-consonant) he loved playing Zingo. More recently we have been playing with some Word Building Blocks. We have been using them for banners such as for days of the week. We have been labeling lots of toys and items around the home. We hide the blocks and go on a letter treasure hunt! We randomly choose four to five letters and see if we can make a word with them. 

Literacy Blocks at How we Montessori - dinosaur

We have been writing greetings and messages to each other and to Caspar. We have also been using the Word Building Blocks as story starters. They are also useful for learning spelling rules, it's easy for the child to focus on learning a word when it's isolated in blocks in front of them. Literacy Blocks at How we Montessori

Pictured are the Word Building Blocks. The letters are lower-case which is important in the early stages of reading and writing. The set comes in a sturdy plastic container and contains 78 blocks (20 vowels and 58 consonants) and four yellow bases. The letters click on the base easily and are fun for the children to use (they are about the size of Duplo). Recommended for ages four years plus. Suitable for working with individual children or in group settings. The blocks are great for word building, spelling and strengthening the hands and fingers! Literacy Blocks at How we Montessori

Our Word Building Blocks are c/o has 25% off Blocks and Builders (including the Word Building Blocks and other fabulous wooden blocks and sets) until Monday 24th April 2017. Please see for further details.

The Word Building Blocks can be found in the US at Lakeshore Learning or similar on Amazon

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