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Work Shelves at How we Montessori

As our children get older our home environments get more diverse. Often Montessori infant environments look really similar but as the child gets older we tailor the environment to their individual needs and preferences. Today I'm looking at some of our home environments for Otis at five years!

Above work shelves and a little reading corner. 

Work Shelves ar Five at How we Montessori

Work shelves (earlier in the year). 

Writing Station at How we Montessori

A Writing Station

Spring Nature Table at How we Montessori

Spring Nature Table

Home Reference Library at How we Montessori

Home reference library

Art Shelves at Five Years   How we Montessori

Art shelves updated

Toaster Oven  Baking Area at How we Montessori at Five Years

At five years we gave Otis access to a little baking area, he can put his electric skillet here and bake using the toaster oven. It has preset programs (with automatic turn off) so he can use it independently while we always supervise from a distance. 

Climbing Ropes  ladder  hammock outside

Our outside environment includes a climbing rope, swing, rope ladder and child's hammock. 

Kid's Fridge at How we Montessori

Children's refrigerator

Children's shelves in the pantry

Children's shelves in the pantry. 

Child's kitchen drawer at How we Montessori

Children's kitchen drawer

LIght Table at Five Years

At five years we also set up a light table!  

I didn't take a complete picture of his wardrobe at five years but it is the same as it was when he was four (and here at three). The children's bathroom hasn't changed very much, you can see it when he was three here

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