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Kids kitchen knife and peeler - High Opinel $48.41 / Low Ikea $5.99 Good, beautiful child-sized tools are important but budget is always a consideration too! Montessori materials for the home don't have to be expensive, here are some really good options at high and low price points. We have a range of these products and some listed at the low price point are really good quality, although I recommend doing your own research in deciding what is best for your family! All prices are in US dollars and don't include shipping. Kids Dustpan and Brush - High Montessori Services... Read more →

I am almost half way through this pregnancy and it's time to start thinking about making some preparations at home. I've only bought one baby blanket and have only a few treasures from when Otis was an infant including a couple of mobiles and grasping materials. So we are really starting anew! I've made a list of the newborn essentials we need, just for the newborn phase. I'll start with these as they will be used first and are really needed. I will pick up the other bits and pieces as we go along. I also really wanted to publish... Read more →

As our children get older our home environments get more diverse. Often Montessori infant environments look really similar but as the child gets older we tailor the environment to their individual needs and preferences. Today I'm looking at some of our home environments for Otis at five years! Above work shelves and a little reading corner. Work shelves (earlier in the year). A Writing Station. Spring Nature Table. Home reference library. Art shelves updated. At five years we gave Otis access to a little baking area, he can put his electric skillet here and bake using the toaster oven. It... Read more →

We've had Guinea Pigs for a couple of years now so I am surprised I haven't written about them before! Both boys had Guinea Pigs in their Cycle One Montessori classroom in Canberra. During one of the school holidays, we looked after a Guinea Pig and fell in love. Caspar (9 years) is responsible for the day to day care of our Guinea Pigs. Caspar and I have written a list of why we believe they are good pets for children! 1. Lovable - They are cute, cuddly and affectionate. When they are used to being held they love to... Read more →

Image: The Montessori Company, Home Environment 5-12 Months. We are in the process of planning a Montessori nursery and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Today I wanted to share with you a new feature at The Montessori Company that can guide you through the process. The Montessori Company is dedicated to ensuring the beauty and philosophical consistency of Montessori environments everywhere, making it easy for parents and guides to buy hand-crafted products designed to follow Maria Montessori's philosophy. On The Montessori Company website, you can view three Montessori nurseries or rooms (one pictured above) and you can click on each... Read more →

Can you believe Otis (pictured above) is turning six next week? Where does the time go? Here are a few articles I've been enjoying this week. 10 Montessori Quotes to Help Adopt a Holistic Approach to Parenting at How The Montessori Method Applies to Today‚Äôs Workplace at Evernote. Montessori: Preparation For Life On A Rainy Day by Sveta Pais at The Huffington Post. 10 Things that Make a Preschool Great at Age of Montessori. Discovering Hexagons at A Life Sustained (I can't wait to try the bubble prints!) Spring Unit Part 2: Flowers, Butterflies and Birds at Three Minute... Read more →