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Six Montessori Newborn and Infant Accounts to Follow on Instagram!

Montessori Newborn and Infant Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Today I've been looking at floor rugs and clearing out my office to make space for our Montessori nursery. I'm really enjoying the process. Here are six accounts to follow on Instagram that have ideas and gorgeous pictures of Montessori newborn and infant environments! Some of these have very little ones and some are still expecting so keep an eye on their accounts in the months to come!

Nimo (mininimoo) / Lilae and Co (a family with twins!)

La petite turquoiseBunny + Bella (a lovely Montessori shop in the UK)

Ludmila VarzinovaEltern vom Mars

The Bambini Guide has some good ideas too! Please let me know if you follow any other good, current Montessori newborn or infant accounts! 

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