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Five Awesome Montessori Rooms on Instagram

Instagram has so many ideas and inspiration for Montessori families. Today I am sharing some Montessori spaces I love, I have embedded the images so it will be easy for you to click through and follow! 

Above is a Montessori nursery. Montessori mobiles get tangled really easily and sometimes we like to switch them around, so hanging them on the wall (on hooks) like this is a great way to store them. This photograph was taken before the baby arrived so it's good to look on the shelves for ideas if you are planning a nursery! 

Above is a bright and colourful bedroom with a floor bed. I love that it is playful, supports the child's independence and is orderly (see how the shoes are stored!). This is so modern and fresh!

Dinogalactic Montessori has lots of lovely Montessori room ideas! These low shelves are perfect, there is space for everything and I love the low pictures on the wall. The colour palette is really nice too!

I love the simplicity of this Montessori bedroom! 

This room isn't pure Montessori but I can see how it promotes movement and it is child focused. As the child grows, the family adds elements to the room like a pull-up up bar at the mirror. There is so much at the child's level. It's gorgeous!