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Crochet Baskets for Montessori Shelves!

Crochet baskets at How we Montessori  infant shelves

Last week one of my favourite crochet stores had a sale, and I just couldn't resist picking up a few more baskets. It reminded me how much I love crochet baskets (I love a good rope basket too)! We use them in almost every room of the house.

They add warmth, softness, texture and often a pop of colour to a space! I love how they are handmade, and each one is unique! Perfect for the Montessori home! They make a nice alternative to wooden trays however they can't always be used in the same way, they are ideal for materials with lots of pieces, to hold small block sets or games. 

Above on the baby's low shelves holding rattles and grasping materials. 

Infant care basket at How we Montessori

In the infant care area, holding lots of bits and pieces - reusable wipes, snappis and cream. 

Crochet baby sock basket at HWM

For baby socks (which are just so cute!). 

Crochet baskets on children's work shelves at How we Montessori

And as always on the boys' work shelves (holding Flockmen and some Little Bits).

We source most of our crochet basket from Etsy

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