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Inspiring Montessori and Child Centred Spaces

I love getting ideas for our home spaces from other families. All of these spaces have Montessori or child centred elements and they are all so colourful with lots of unique touches.

This account (above) has lots of lovely spaces that are relatable and doable. The materials are simple and age appropriate! 

This isn't specifically a Montessori space but it works, it is well designed for the child. Much of the materials are at the child's level and it has a warm and ordered feel. 

 This family has some nice spaces, have a look at their bookshelves too! 

This space looks inviting and comfortable. I love using soft furnishing in children's spaces and note the use of cushions and a soft rug. 

These are my all time favourite Montessori bookshelves!  All of the books are forward facing and it has a large capacity. 

This is another space that is well designed for the child, it is for the most part, at the child's level. It is beautiful, peaceful, colourful and fun! 

All of these images are embedded from Instagram, I apologise to readers who view this post via RSS feed, you may need to go directly to How we Montessori to view images. 

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