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Montessori Music Baskets and Shelves to Love!

Montessori music baskets and shelves at HWM

Do you have a music basket or music shelves in your home? When Otis was an infant we had a plan toys drum on his low bedroom shelves. He would crawl over and loved sitting there banging on his drum. Over the years we've had lots of variations of a music basket including lots of rhythm instruments. Here are a few music baskets and shelves I really love, they are all very unique, enticing and beautiful! 

Music Basket How we MontessoriMusic Basket at The Free Child  

Music Corner at Apartment Therapy / Music Shelves at Nduoma

Music Shelves at Midwest Montessori / Music Shelves in Montessori Toddler Class at Montessori Notebook

Pentatonic-diatonic Glockenspiel at How we Montessori / Music Basket at TinkerLab 

The baskets are displayed and used almost like treasure baskets, for the child to explore. The shelves are true to Montessori principles, they have order and there is a space for everything. We introduced a CD player in the toddler years, play silks make a nice addition to music shelves too! 

For instruments I feel inspired by these, I love the natural look and feel and how you can combine some cultural studies into the experience. 

Lovely instruments for young children at How we Montessori

Sound Treasure BasketAfrica Rhythm Pack / Six Piece Rhythm SetFrog, Cricket, and Owl Instruments

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