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Montessori with recycled materials at How we Montessori

This morning we used the last of our Ebelskiver mixture and I couldn't part with the container, it's solid with a nice lid, easy enough for a toddler to get on and off.  Like many Montessori parents (and teachers) I'm thinking how useful it would be for an open and close activity or to cut a hole in the lid for a posting or threading activity.  So I've put the container aside with many other little interesting bottles and jars I've collected for a similar purpose for when our little one is ready (at or around 12-18 months). 

I thought it would be useful to have a list of activities using recycled materials to refresh my memory but also to serve as a reminder of what we can do at home using what we already have. Here are some activities we've used mainly during the toddler and preschooler years using recycled materials. All of these activities are really simple and easy to put together!

Posting/threading with coloured sticks in a container / Open and close activity with small soy sauce containers

Various shakers with old spice jars / Coin box using yoghurt container

Open and close activity with various containers / Simple shaker with baby food jar

Water play with various pump and spray bottles / Open and close with a spoon and tins

Posting with pom poms (or blocks) and cardboard tubes / Pasting with recycled paper

French knitting with craft sticks and small cardboard tube / Little colour bottles using hotel shampoo bottles

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