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Five Awesome Montessori Rooms on Instagram

Instagram has so many ideas and inspiration for Montessori families. Today I am sharing some Montessori spaces I love, I have embedded the images so it will be easy for you to click through and follow! Above is a Montessori nursery. Montessori mobiles get tangled really easily and sometimes we like to switch them around, so hanging them on the wall (on hooks) like this is a great way to store them. This photograph was taken before the baby arrived so it's good to look on the shelves for ideas if you are planning a nursery! Above is a bright... Read more →

Ball Tracker - Australia and UK / Amazing Tracker - USA When Otis was little I looked everywhere for one of these fantastic ball trackers. He loved the one at his Montessori Toddler Class (pictured below) but I couldn't find one to buy locally. I've recently noted that the Nienhuis Ball Tracker (above left) can be found in Australia so I thought it was time to share! The large ball trackers are suitable for children from around 18 months or when the child is able to stand to put the ball into the frame. This will be enjoyed by children... Read more →

Each pregnancy gives the parents the opportunity to review their lifestyle and try to improve it in order to help the new family member in the best possible way. - Understanding the Human Being. This quote that I referenced last week really resonated with me. Late last year I experienced a miscarriage and it really knocked my confidence. It made me reassess everything. One of the many things I reassessed was my exposure to cleaning products and toxins in our home. I am now pregnant again and hope the changes we have made become permanent, not just for this pregnancy... Read more →

Earlier in the year, I wrote an article for Montessori Shop and I thought you might find it useful too! We spend so much time in the kitchen and when we have young children it can be difficult to get anything done. Some children are happy to work, cook or clean alongside us and others are just not interested! Most young children, however, do like water play. I've compiled a list of activities to keep young children busy while learning and playing at the kitchen sink. In Montessori our aim is never just to 'keep the children busy' but in... Read more →

Three Montessori Videos to Love - for School and the Home

Today I have three Montessori videos to share with you! Above is a new video from Dundas Valley Montessori School, all the children in this video are 1-2 years old. Such capable toddlers! This video is a Montessori Home Tour at Bella's Casa, a home for two children ages two and eight. There are lots of tips and ideas presented. I am not able to embed the third video but the link is here. I love this one because it shows that you don't need to have the Montessori materials, there might be materials near you that meet the needs... Read more →

Otis has just turned six. It's hard to believe but he has entered the second plane of development (6-12 years). Sometimes I see glimpses of the second plane but he is not all the way there yet, not like Caspar who is nine and is totally a child in the second plane! However, I still thought it would be good to share some of his practical life work and see how it has changed. In our Montessori home, we don't have any practical life trays or prepared activities. Otis does a lot of practical life but he is more self-driven,... Read more →

Etsy is a wonderful place to find Montessori materials for the home. I love the handmade touch but I also love how unique some of these products are. Here are some materials that I am currently loving on Etsy! Montessori Small/Weaning Table and Chair - It can be incredibly difficult to find a small/weaning table and chair to these dimensions. The international shipping on this one is reasonable too. Wool and Organic Topponcino - Looking for a Topponcino in wool or with organic cotton? This store has lots of options. Child's Apron - I love how bright and colourful this... Read more →