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Preparing for a Montessori Newborn: Cloth Nappies (Diapers)

How we Montessori  Montessori newborn  cloth nappies

Choosing which cloth nappies to use was one of the first 'fun' decisions I've been able to make regarding our new baby. I have enjoyed researching the options, I have agonized in the decision-making process, and I am happy with the choices I have made so far. I wanted the most efficient nappy system; cost efficient, energy efficient and as natural as possible. For the newborn stage, I've decided to go with bamboo flats using wool covers. Once the child is moving and more active an all-in-one nappy might be more appropriate, but we will see. 

What we have for the newborn:

I don't think we are going to need 24 flats, but these will be useful for wiping up spills, on the change mat and more. I wanted to go with cotton, but the bamboo flats were so much softer and folded up smaller (perfect for a newborn), and I've been told they will be more absorbent. I have always loved wool and using a wool cover makes sense. We have a wet nappy bag to store used nappies, you tip the nappies into the washing machine and wash the bag at the same time. Our supplier recommends using Rockin' Green laundry detergent, not soap berries as I had wanted due to the (saponin surfactant) build up that can occur. I am also a big supporter of going nappy free at home where possible.

I've used cloth nappies previously however, this will be my first time using reusable/washable wipes. It's such a good idea; there are so many artificial, questionable and just unnecessary ingredients in disposable wipes. I am going to try a natural baby bottom spray, however, dampening the wipe with water may be enough. If the spray is successful I'll try a DIY, there are lots of safe and natural recipes online. 

Still to DIY:

  • Wool change mat and mattress protector. 
  • Reusable wipes. 
  • Nappy bag (for fresh and used nappies) for outside the home. 

As with all parenting, flexibility, self-awareness and the ability to try new ideas are important. I am open to exploring different options with cloth nappies, and we are fortunate that we have lots of options available locally if we need to swap or change our approach!

How we Montessori  Montessori newborn  cloth nappies

In Brisbane, we shop at Nest Nappies, a physical (and online) store where you can touch and feel the nappies and receive lots of useful advice. Organic cotton cot sheet pictured is by Little Anouk.

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