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Otis bedtime meditation with Mind Time Kids Kit by The Goodnight Co.

I have two active boys and I am in the third trimester of my pregnancy, sometimes it feels like our life is moving so fast it is out of control. Making sure everyone is feeling centered, calm and ready for a good night's sleep at the end of the day is really important for our wellbeing. 

We often use children's massage and guided meditation as part of our bedtime routine. Today we are trying the Mind Time for Kids kit c/o The Goodnight Co. My children have a basic understanding of chakras and have used intention crystals so I'm thinking this is something that could work really well for them!

Kids Mind Time from The Goodnight Co.

The Mind Time for Kids kit is suitable for children from two years. It's really important to note the kit comes with a detailed instruction guide with age specific meditation ideas to get you started. If you have never used guided meditation before or don't know anything about chakras, it is completely ok. The guide will tell you exactly what to do and it gives you the words to use! It's fabulous and easy. Each meditation only takes around five minutes.

What I love most about this kit is the felt discs. I have previously taught my boys about chakras and have used visualization, it's a really abstract concept. The coloured felt discs, each representing a chakra, are really hands-on, the child places the disc at the location of the chakra while repeating the mantra you give them (from the guide). The discs give the child a point of reference, something concrete to focus on.

Otis with bedtime meditation at How we Montessori

It leaves the child feeling calm, connected, centered and strong! Teaching children about chakras allows them to understand more about themselves and this specific meditation also has a focus on gratitude!

Otis with meditation stones at How we Montessori  Children's Meditation

The kit also includes seven high-quality crystals. Each crystal activates a different chakra. You can use the crystals in place of the felt discs, or you can follow the meditations in the guide, including a meditation for children 2-5 years old. The child sits tall and holds each crystal as you provide the words for the meditation. You can also use the crystals individually if there is a specific chakra you want the child to focus on. 

Essential Oils for Bedtime at How we Montessori

Essential oils are an essential part of our bedtime routine! We often use a dream mist (room spray) or put a few drops of a relaxing oil or a night time blend into the boys' diffuser. We are currently using and loving The Goodnight Blend also c/o The Goodnight Co. If you haven't used a diffuser in your child's room I recommend giving it a go. I only use oils suitable for children and love experimenting with different blends (premade blends, I don't create my own!). 

If you are looking for additional resources to support your child's bedtime routine, we use Once upon a Touch... Story Massage for Children and Enchanted Meditations for Kids (CD or Audible). For children in the second plane of development (6-12 years) I can recommend bedtime reading from Buddha at Bedtime and Nightlights: Stories for You to Read to Your Child - To Encourage Calm, Confidence and Creativity

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