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Bringing Children Together, Independent Work - Loving Ravensburger Puzzles!

Caspar and Otis working together on Ravensburger Puzzle at How we Montessori

Do your children like to do puzzles together? My boys have been bickering like crazy but put them in front of a puzzle and they become collaborators, allies. It engages them on the same level. They build on their successes to achieve their desired outcome - the finished puzzle. 

We put this puzzle on our table and the boys worked on it on and off over a couple of rainy days. It was nice for them to have something to work on together when they had a spare moment. 

Caspar and Otis working collaboratively at HWM Ravensburger Puzzle

The satisfaction of putting that final piece in place! 

The Watering Hole Ravensburger Puzzle at HWM

It is a really lovely puzzle

Otis with three Ravensburger Firefighter Puzzles at How we Montessori

I also enjoy having puzzles like this one. The pack includes three smaller puzzles. Otis can finish each one within 10-15 minutes. It's a quick build but one he will do over and over. It's enjoyable and confidence boosting. He is using lots of fine motor skills and image recognition. 

Otis with Dinosaur Puzzle  Ravensburger at HWM

Providing puzzles at the suitable level provides a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Children can work on a puzzle together to collaborate and work towards a common goal. I have found Ravensburger puzzles to be accurate with their age suggestions and it's nice to find something beautiful that also matches the children's interests!

Our puzzles are c/o Pictured are The Watering Hole Puzzle (300 pieces, 9 yrs+), the Fire Brigade Run Puzzle (3x49 pieces, 5 yrs+) and Time of the Dinosaur Puzzle (100 pieces, 6 yrs+). You can read more about how we use puzzles here.  

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