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Felt Ball Rug Review - Warm and Comfortable (Free Shipping Worldwide)

Felt ball rug at How we Montessori

Today we are reviewing our Felt Ball Rug from Felt Ball Rugs Australia. I've chosen this rug for our Montessori nursery but it works in almost any room in the home. It will be perfect for our baby to lie on and it adds a nice touch of colour to the room!

Rugs offer so much to the home; warmth, comfort, colour and texture. In the Montessori home, rugs are perfect to define an area. They are ideal for a work area, a reading nook, in front of low shelves, in the dressing area. There are some considerations I would always make in choosing a rug for a children's area; it needs to be safe, non-toxic, from natural materials and ethically made. So do you like our Felt Ball Rug? Let me tell you a little about it! 

Felt ball rug at How we Montessori

Our Felt Ball Rug is c/o Felt Ball Rugs Australia. It is handmade in Nepal under fair trade conditions from premium quality New Zealand wool. The wool is coloured using natural dyes and is free from chemicals and other toxins. Felt Ball Rugs Australia is a family owned company with a history of working in Nepal. You can meet the makers here. All rugs come with a 1-year warranty and they offer free shipping worldwide - please see the website for conditions and further details. 

Our rug is the Pastel Felt Ball Rug although there are many other designs that I love including the Multicoloured Rug, Audrey's Marshmallow Rug and the Gelati Rug. You can design your own felt ball rug and you can see lots of custom options here

I hope you can see from the images how soft and cozy the rug is. It has absolutely no out-gases or odour. It is also really sturdy and really well made. 

Felt Ball Rug Review at How we Montessori Australia

I love this rug for our nursery, however, I wanted to show you how versatile it is. Here it is shown in our children's work area. It is so comfortable to sit, kneel or lie on. Because of the felt wool balls the rug is nice and thick and offers lots of padding and warmth, it would be so useful on hardwood floors or in the classroom! We've had rugs and mats before that are made from natural fibres that are really scratchy, but not this one. The children are drawn to this rug and love to lie and read on it. I can't wait for our baby to arrive and give it a try! 

Cozy felt ball rug at How we Montessori  Otis reading

You can find out more about Felt Ball Rugs here and you can also follow on Instagram. Thank you to Felt Ball Rugs Australia for providing us with a natural and well-made product that adds so much beauty to our home!

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