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Montessori Wardrobes to Order (US, Europe, Australia)

Motnessori Wardrobes to Order at How we Montessori

I've featured some amazing Montessori wardrobes before, but what if you are not able to DIY, don't have an Ikea nearby or just want to order something ready made? Here are some really lovely ready made options. You can see some of these were designed for dress-up clothing but work perfectly as a child's wardrobe/closet. The prices vary, I would be more likely to invest in a child's wardrobe if I knew it was going to be passed on to other children. 

I wouldn't store all of the child's clothing in their wardrobe just a small collection of clothes for them to choose from. The child can easily select their clothing for the day, get dressed as independently as possible, put away their clean laundry and have ownership over their room including keeping their wardrobe (mostly) tidy. I love that a couple of these little wardrobes have a mirror on the side, it's a great idea!

  1. Manine Montesori Children's Wardrobe + variations with doors (Europe).
  2. Woomo Child Closet-Chest (Europe).
  3. Guidecraft Dress Up Centre - Light Green, also available in Pink and Lavender (US).
  4. Guidecraft Dress Up Centre - Natural (US). 
  5. Kidkraft Dress Up Unit (US).
  6. Ace Rabbit Dress-Up Clothes and Shoe Organiser, also available in Bear and Lion in a variety of finishes (US).
  7. M.A.N Made Creations Hardwood Combination Wardrobe (Australia).
  8. M.A.N Made Creations Wardrobe with Hanging Rail (Australia).
  9. Little Foot Clothing Co Children's Clothing Rack - Etsy (US).
  10. Works @ Play Dress Up Rack (Australia).
  11. Bubblegum Royal Child's Clothes Rack - Etsy (Australia).
  12. Lala Montessori Child's Wardrobe (Argentina).
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