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Image: Montessori Handwork Here are some fantastic articles that I have been enjoying this week: Preparing the Environment for the Work of Wool and the really lovely shelves above at Montessori Handwork written by Carol, a Montessori teacher in New Zealand. I'm in love with her site, she has lots of ideas and tips for handwork in a Montessori environment, all really authentic. Our Montessori Inspired Kitchen at Montessori in Motion - this kitchen is perfection and the post describes a little about setting it up and how it works, it's for a child who is currently two years old.... Read more →

I know, I featured some rugs last week but I've just found out the top left traffic rug (#1) is back in stock (in Australia). We've had our traffic rug since Caspar was little (I'd love to recreate this scene!), it's such a statement piece that the boys have really enjoyed. These playful traffic rugs are perfect for children who love to play with transport, but they can also teach aspects of community relationships and features of our towns and cities. On our traffic rug (#1) the roads and car park are woven but the rest is a plush, soft... Read more →

I've become obsessed with wool, especially now we know we are moving to a cooler climate. My direction for buying baby clothes has changed completely! When we lived in Canberra the boys wore a lot of wool including organic merino thermals (we loved these). Now I'm starting to stock up again. We know wool as a natural, breathable fibre that helps to regulate body temperature but most importantly is also so, so soft on an infant's skin. One of the best recommendations I've received is to use Disana Wool Covers (Australia here). I was shocked when I opened the packet.... Read more →

Around our home. We had a plasterer come and do some work this week. All of the plants were covered in plaster and needed a really good clean! Care of plant caddy, including a child size spray bottle, child's cleaning mitt (these are so useful!), garden shears, dusting brush and leaf duster (by Goose Designs). Still loving the Cherry Chomper! Building with architectural blocks. This is a great follow-up to our work with the Roman Arch. Otis counting coins. I started by giving Otis his own really easy addition problems, he took over by making and then answering his own... Read more →

I've featured some amazing Montessori wardrobes before, but what if you are not able to DIY, don't have an Ikea nearby or just want to order something ready made? Here are some really lovely ready made options. You can see some of these were designed for dress-up clothing but work perfectly as a child's wardrobe/closet. The prices vary, I would be more likely to invest in a child's wardrobe if I knew it was going to be passed on to other children. I wouldn't store all of the child's clothing in their wardrobe just a small collection of clothes for... Read more →

Image: Awesome Montessori Kitchen at Mindful Learning Do your children enjoy independent play? My children are capable of independent play but have gone through stages of wanting or needing me near them and like most children have gone through stages where they won't leave my side at all. There are three Montessori principles that can help guide us through these periods: Independence Concentration Follow the child. We want to give our children the skills to be independent, to build and strengthen their concentration. We also want to follow the child, support them and challenge them at appropriate times. But what... Read more →

Today we are reviewing our Felt Ball Rug from Felt Ball Rugs Australia. I've chosen this rug for our Montessori nursery but it works in almost any room in the home. It will be perfect for our baby to lie on and it adds a nice touch of colour to the room! Rugs offer so much to the home; warmth, comfort, colour and texture. In the Montessori home, rugs are perfect to define an area. They are ideal for a work area, a reading nook, in front of low shelves, in the dressing area. There are some considerations I would... Read more →