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Wool Nappy Cover at HWM

I've become obsessed with wool, especially now we know we are moving to a cooler climate. My direction for buying baby clothes has changed completely! When we lived in Canberra the boys wore a lot of wool including organic merino thermals (we loved these). Now I'm starting to stock up again. We know wool as a natural, breathable fibre that helps to regulate body temperature but most importantly is also so, so soft on an infant's skin. 

One of the best recommendations I've received is to use Disana Wool Covers (Australia here). I was shocked when I opened the packet. Not only are they super soft but stretchy and gentle. Honestly, I feel they are the ultimate in comfort and I can't wait to try them on our little one. The Disana wool covers are fine organic merino but are made in Germany. We also have the Baby BeeHinds wool covers which are made from Australian wool. Another fantastic idea I've received, again especially applicable to a cool climate, is to use Disana wool leggings as a cover. 

If you are considering cloth nappies/diapers and/or wool covers I encourage you to give it ago, once you have a system in place it can be a really simple process. It can also be incredibly rewarding. But I am on my third child and I know cloth nappies can feel intimidating early on. 

Wool Nappy Cover at HWM

Onto lanolising. It only takes a couple of minutes. We'll also be lanolising our wool puddle pad and change mat. This time I've used the Disana Lanolin Conditioner. I put 1 tablespoon of the conditioner in 1 litre of lukewarm water and rinsed the cover, gently squeezed out the excess water and left to air dry on a towel. I know some of these will need to be lanolised more than once, but it's so quick and easy to do. They might also felt with wear. Is it strange to say I also really love the smell of wool, it's all so natural and earthy! 

I've also started to play around with some DIY baby change spray. I love the idea of using aloe vera. I am sure that water alone will work well but I want a backup spray for some of the messier changes, and I want it on hand before the baby arrives. There is so much to do once the baby is here it's best for me to be as organised as possible. I didn't add any essentials oils to this one (generally not recommended for babies under three months) but will need a tinted bottle once I do (so the essential oils don't break down, although small batches will be used up fast). I've received a few suggestions but if you have a tried and true recipe for baby change (bottom) spray please let me know. 

DIY Baby Change Spray at How we Montessori

We have so much going on at home, I'm really trying to reduce the stress by focusing on the little things that I do have control over and that I can do now to prepare for later. Thank you also for your kinds words and support as always!




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