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Today I want to introduce you to Emma from Montessori Enterprises ( Montessori Enterprises stock a wide range of Montessori language materials. You can order individual items including objects, picture cards, word strips, phrase strips and sentence strips or complete sets. Including the Pink, Blue and Green Series. This makes... Read more →

Threading pasta or wooden beads are standard preschooler activities. But what other threading activities are there? Here are a few we've used over the years, from twelve months to four years. We know that threading is good for concentration, coordination and developing fine motor skills. Activities that strengthen the muscles... Read more →

A shared Montessori inspired room, image Apartment Therapy. Here are some fun and interesting links I've been reading and loving!! Montessori in a Small House. A Real Environment from Pequefelicidad. I have and can recommend all of these, for new and experienced Montessori parents! Montessori Books I'm Reading at The... Read more →

Montessori Infant Spaces I'm Loving

I find myself procrastinating rather than working on finishing our Montessori nursery. It's more difficult this time as we know we will be moving once the baby is three to four months old. So I'm not only looking for fresh ideas and inspiration but I'm also trying to find some... Read more →