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Gorgeous Montessori Wash (Laundry) Tables!

Wash Table at The Learning Ark

Do your children enjoy helping with the washing? Why not give them a few small items and their own little washing station? Today I'm sharing some ideas on creating Montessori style washing (laundry) areas.

Above a cloth washing table at The Learning Ark - Elementary Montessori

Caspar washing at table

Train table turned wash table at How we Montessori

Wash table at House of Montessori

A gorgeous Montessori home wash table at House of Montessori!

Washing Montessori from the Heart

Clothes washing activity at Montessori From the Heart.

Montessori Wash Table - Pinterest

Montessori classroom wash table from Pinterest via Trillium Montessori.  

Montessori Design by Nuccia UK Red Wash Table

Cloth washing table at Montessori Design by Nuccia.  

Mapetitematernelle Wash Table

Wash stand at Ma petite maternelle. I also love this wash table at Austin Montessori School. Are you needing more wash table ideas?

Montessori Wash Ideas at How we Montessori

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We have and use three different types of child size clotheslines (including #1 and #2), they are so useful. We use one for hanging art and paintings to dry. I've just ordered a little clothesline (#2) as a birthday gift for my three-year-old nephew. I also love the idea of using the Japanese wash basin (#4), it's a really compact option!







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