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Playing with Liquids and Learning About Measurement and Fractions

Learing Volume and Measurement of Liquids at How we Montessori  Measuring Montessori Practical Life

After yesterday's post, I have been thinking about the ways that Otis has been able to play and learn about liquids, measurement, and fractions. Baking is the obvious way, measuring all of the ingredients. But we also have graduated beakers as toys in the bathroom. We have used beakers, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and wet scales as materials in our water table (they would also be good in a sensory table!), and both of my boys have loved playing Fraction Formula. I've also written about using some of these materials for play in the kitchen sink!  So I've put together a bit of a list of some wonderful resources (many of which you would already have) for playing and learning about liquids, measurement, and fractions at home. No formal lessons required, just learning through free play! 

1. Mini Measuring Beaker Set.

2. Plastic Graduated Beaker Set (similar Australia here) - This is what we have in the bath for play. 

3. Simple Plastic Measuring Jugs. 

4. Glass Measuring Jug - For measuring in the kitchen. 

5. & 6. Cute Fish Measuring Cup and Spoon Set - Usually I select plain and simple sets but these are simply adorable!

7. Graduated Cylinders (Australia here).

8. Litre Measuring Set - These are by Learning Resources who have a lot of similar measuring materials. 

9. Geometric Litre Measuring Set (Australia here) - Also by Learning Resources! 

10. Classroom Liquid Measuring Set - A lot of measuring materials in one package. 

11. Balance Bucket/Scales (Similar Australia here) - These are perfect for the water table as they can be used for weighing water or liquids and solids. 

12. Fractions Formula Game - You can read our review of this game here. The cylinders could also be used on their own! 







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