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Montessori and Child Centred Spaces to Love

Once again I'm sharing some Montessori and child centred spaces to love from Instagram! These spaces are all so bright and colourful and all have Montessori features. Above is the lovely children's wardrobe from tadah!  This shelving provides a place for everything. They have a good range of wooden Montessori furniture here (Brazil). 

 I've watched this space evolve and it's always ordered. I love that it's not over complicated!

Large blackboard! There are some lovely child centered spaces in this home. They have lots of plants and you know I love the whale posters. Can I move in? There are low children's shelves in the living area and a fish tank at a child/toddler height. Along with all the child centred features, it's also warm, inviting and unique. 

This is the account of Sweet Home from Wood, which is an Etsy store that stocks these lovely floor beds! I also really like this room as it is has lots of shelves and is very ordered! Wow, these beds are so popular right now! 

This is a lovely space from a Montessori family, and it's a good account to follow. They've only put out a small selection of clothes and have provided a hair brush and mirror for self-dressing. 

This is a work space and it isn't as styled as the others but it's really practical and achievable. The shelves appear behind a couch area and there are lots of Montessori materials present, a soft rug to work on. 

I hope you get as much inspiration from these spaces as I do! If you have a Montessori inspired space on Instagram that you would like to share please tag me @howwemontessori.

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