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I'm not reading a lot at the moment because I'm so tired I'm afraid I'd fall asleep. I listen to a lot of audiobooks (while driving) and I am dabbling in some pregnancy and birth related books. I am reading pregnancy and birthing books that are reassuring and positive. I am currently reading Expecting Better which is very data driven however they use US data which is in places different to Australia (and I don't drink any alcohol or coffee, or eat deli meat during pregnancy). I love how different it is to usual pregnancy books and it overwhelmingly left... Read more →

Montessori and Child Centred Spaces to Love

Once again I'm sharing some Montessori and child centred spaces to love from Instagram! These spaces are all so bright and colourful and all have Montessori features. Above is the lovely children's wardrobe from tadah! This shelving provides a place for everything. They have a good range of wooden Montessori furniture here (Brazil). I've watched this space evolve and it's always ordered. I love that it's not over complicated! Large blackboard! There are some lovely child centered spaces in this home. They have lots of plants and you know I love the whale posters. Can I move in? There are... Read more →

Do your children like making their own books? Otis makes so many of them. Often tiny books with lots of little drawings or notes in them! So I wanted to experiment a little and show him some new ways of making books. Here are a few ideas we've tried recently, some of these he has made completely independently and others with some help. Hole punch and tie with ribbon, twine or wool. Bind with embroidery thread. Staple or staple and cover with washi tape - for decoration and safety. Hole punch and keep together with hinged rings. Sew with a... Read more →

After yesterday's post, I have been thinking about the ways that Otis has been able to play and learn about liquids, measurement, and fractions. Baking is the obvious way, measuring all of the ingredients. But we also have graduated beakers as toys in the bathroom. We have used beakers, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and wet scales as materials in our water table (they would also be good in a sensory table!), and both of my boys have loved playing Fraction Formula. I've also written about using some of these materials for play in the kitchen sink! So I've put together... Read more →

Can your children detect a lesson a mile off? Can they sense when you are trying to teach them something and just switch off or become disinterested? I've seen this happen in my home. Otis doesn't really like to sit down and read with me. He's happy for me to read to him, which for the most part is what we do. However, 10-15 times a day he will come to me: "t--i-m-e what does that spell'? "Timee"? And so on. He is developing his reading skills, they aren't static, but it's not by sitting down and working with me.... Read more →