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What I'm Loving (and Buying) on Etsy This Week!

  Montessori Finds on Etsy - How we Montessori

These are not traditional Montessori materials but are all suitable for a Montessori home! These materials have lots of colour and texture for the child to explore! 

Pikler Climbing Set - This is a large climbing set however individual pieces are also available. Perfect for the infant who needs to climb, possibly before they are even walking! I've seen these in so many Montessori homes, they are on my wish list! 

Sensory Grasping Beads - So similar to the Montessori grasping beads but with the texture of crochet and lots of colour!

Large Playmat - This store has the sweetest playmats! Perfect for a movement area, next to a wall mirror or for under a Montessori mobile. 

Crochet Sensory Ball - I've ordered this one today! A lovely texture for the infant. 

Crochet Veggies - This store has our favourite crochet eggs too, a wonderful texture for the child to explore with their hands, put them in a sensory or treasure basket.   

Rainbow Blanket/Playmat - On my wish list. Playmats or a soft movement area are essential for a Montessori baby, a folded blanket or rug does nicely, not too hard not too soft. I've loving the colours on this one!

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