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What we are reading - Kylie, Caspar and Otis!

What we are Reading - How we Montessori - Caspar at 9 years

I'm not reading a lot at the moment because I'm so tired I'm afraid I'd fall asleep. I listen to a lot of audiobooks (while driving) and I am dabbling in some pregnancy and birth related books. I am reading pregnancy and birthing books that are reassuring and positive. 

I am currently reading Expecting Better which is very data driven however they use US data which is in places different to Australia (and I don't drink any alcohol or coffee, or eat deli meat during pregnancy). I love how different it is to usual pregnancy books and it overwhelmingly left me feeling positive and informed. It's also very easy to read.

I am also reading Mindful Birthing. This has been reassuring and informative as I prepare myself mentally for childbirth. My previous experiences have been positive (and fast) but I still have some fear and hesitation around childbirth and the unknown (what might go wrong), reading about mindfulness at least brings me calm!

Although I read it months ago I still have The First Forty Days on my bedside table and find it incredibly soothing and nourishing to read. My first forty days will look nothing like this with a full family to look after but the notion is not lost on me and it makes me reconsider what our days will look like. 

I have almost since the start of this pregnancy, been listening to The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth. I love Mama Natural and the natural birthing, intervention free movement. 

Caspar (9 years) is currently reading a lot as he is on school holidays! He loves history however at school he is taught mainly Australian history. At home, he reads a wide variety and almost always non-fiction.

Caspar is currently reading; A Long Walk to Water (set in Sudan), As brave as you (good read about disadvantage, acceptance, and family, this is a long book at 409 pages), and The Boy on the Wooden Box (Caspar is very interested in reading all things Holocaust and this is an age appropriate way to do so, a valuable memoir from a young Holocaust survivor). All of these book are for children at or around 9-14 years. 

Otis (6 years) isn't reading a lot of books right now. We have a good collection of Let's Read and Find Out Science books and they are truly wonderful, full of facts on science topics that are relevant to six-year-olds. He received Bees: A Honeyed History for his birthday and it is very beautiful, large format, vibrant and recommended for all nature and bee-loving kids!

I would love to hear your recommendations, especially on natural pregnancy and birth. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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