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Montessori finds on Etsy at How we Montessori August 2017

I love buying materials from Etsy. Especially when preparing for a new baby I like to buy local and handmade. This week I've ordered and received playmats, rattles and infant clothing from Etsy, all which have been fantastic quality. Here are a few materials for a Montessori home that I'm loving! 

  1. I've recently ordered some (commercially available) baby clothing and I can't believe how much blue I've (subconsciously) bought, so I'm making an effort to balance this out with some gender neutral and handmade clothing from Etsy. I love this gender neutral dinosaur tee.
  2. Timber Alphabet Puzzle
  3. Natural playdough stamps. This has given me lots of ideas on how we can DIY our own stamps! 
  4. Natural linen futon. I'm loving this idea for a reading corner, with an infant they could lie here while the boys read to them, or it's just a nice way to get boys comfortably on the floor at the infant's level. 
  5. A deluxe nature explorer kit - this would be a wonderful birthday present. 
  6. So many pieces in this nature study box. I love how they have included images and photographs. 

How about some midweek Montessori reading? Here are a few articles that I am enjoying!

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