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Montessori Schools - Fresh from Summer Break

Many classrooms are being reorganized, cleaned and set up fresh for children returning from the summer break. Here are a few classrooms that I am loving, ready for the new school year! 

Above a toddler class at Guidepost Montessori, USA. 

Preprimary class at La Montessori Nurtury, Iowa, USA. 

So much light, a classroom at the Montessori School Bali, Indonesia.  

Miss Rhonda's Classroom, USA.

Mountaineer Montessori School, West Virginia, USA. You can see more of their classroom pictures here

Cosmic Montessori School, Jakarta, Indonesia. 3-6 years classroom.  

Laniakea Montessori in Gainesville, Florida, USA, Geography or Culture Area, 3-6 Classroom. 

Good luck to teachers and students heading back to school! 

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