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Loving... Anatomy Models

HWM Torso  Loving Anatomy Models

Our torso anatomy model is many years old but it hasn't lost any of its appeal. I find anatomy models irresistible.

Anatomy models can help satisfy the child's natural curiosity and desire to know more about how our bodies work, what it looks like inside and what our internal organs look like. They are perfect for inquisitive children! 

Loving anatomy models at HOw we Montessori  hand

Anatomy models provide for hands on learning. Most can be assembled and disassembled, allowing the child to learn through repetition. Due to the abstract nature of the models (the child needs to use their imagination as the models show the internal anatomy) I recommend them for children near or in the second plane of development (from six years). 

Love Anatomy Models  Lung and Heart at HWM

I can't tell you how much I love this! The booklets that come with the models are fantastic. All of our booklets contain diagrams and thorough descriptions. 

Loving anatomy models at HWM  Mammoth

The animal anatomy models are wonderful too! They are perfect for research and for finding out more about specific animals or areas of interest. We've found them most useful for learning about different respiratory and circulatory systems. It's so good to be able to show the child how the dolphin breathes rather than just telling them about it or showing them a diagram.

Loving anatomy models at HWM  Tarantula

We have and love the Dolphin, Woolly Mammoth, Tarantula, Crocodile, and Hercules Beetle. Although my boys have been asking for the Shark forever.

We've sourced most of our anatomy models in Australia at Mad About Science. It is ok to say that they also look awesome on the children's shelves, I love the natural science look which allows the child to make their own discoveries! 

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