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Snapshot: Montessori Infant / Newborn Movement Area

Montessori Infant : Newborn Movement Area with Whale Mobile at How we Montessori

Mirror / Topponcino / Whale Mobile

I am incredibly thankful that I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. Not including a couple of weeks in November/December last year, I have been pregnant for over 12 months. This is my fourth pregnancy and it has been harder emotionally and physically. However, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and we only have a couple of weeks to go! We are so close! I'm feeling nervous and still a little underprepared (I only ordered our infant car seat on Wednesday!).

Today I want to share with you a quick snapshot of our infant/newborn movement area. The main feature of this area is our free standing mirror. We are moving at the end of the year so I was hesitant to put any new holes in the walls to secure the mirror. I am loving that we can move the mirror, our family is so active and the boys are so busy around the house we can move the mirror into other rooms.

I was also really concerned about using a shatter proof, acrylic mirror. My main concern was that the reflection wouldn't be clear or accurate, however, the mirror is perfect and I can't even tell that it is acrylic. 

We have a playmat on the floor. It is quilted and soft. I have another couple of rugs and playmats that we will also use here. A thick rug folded over works well. It's nice to have a couple so one can go in the wash. Keep in mind this area needs a firmish surface, you could use a thin mattress but as the child gets older and begins to move a firmer surface is needed. 

I have placed our topponcino here, but this will only be used for the first couple of months and it will be used all around the house. You can also see the Whale Mobile, which is the first mobile we will use. I haven't hung a hook for the mobiles yet as I might still move them around a little, I've temporarily taped this mobile to the ceiling, just until I get the positioning right. It's nice to sit back and look over the room for a while before committing to a position.

A plant is a necessity and as the infant can't move far they can't get into the plant. It adds a nice touch of greenery and nature. The large green leaves will give the child another item to look up to and observe. This room was previously my office and is right next to the boys' room. It receives lots of afternoon light and I can already see the whale mobile moving gently in the breeze when I leave the window open. If we were staying here longer I would put a baby gate at the door (this is the second story and near stairs). 

It has always been my aim to make Montessori in the home more accessible, so if you have any questions about this space, please feel free to ask. 

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