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Montessori Shelfies! #montessorishelfie

I love looking at other people's #montessorishelfies. I get ideas for my own children, I see activities they might enjoy and generally I feel inspired. All of these #montessorisheflies are doable and relatable! I hope you enjoy these too!  

There is so much to love here, the materials, the simple table and chair nearby with vase, low hanging art work and a plant to care for!

 You can get a feel for the work flow here. The child can work at the table or on the mat. 

 This is a space for multi-age children and it works! 

 There is actually a lot of materials and activities here, the wooden trays are working beautifully. 

Mission Montessori has lots of beautiful shelves. 

Lovely practical life shelves.   

Montessori shelves at 27 months. This is a cute Montessori home set-up. 

Simple, open and fresh!

Shelves from MELA playgroup, a Montessori Playgroup at in Brisbane

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