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Preparing for Baby with Milk & Co.

HWM Baby Bath Time

I am now at the end of my pregnancy and the baby could (should!) come any day now. I am more than prepared and ready. My hospital bags are packed and by the door. We haven't installed our baby car seat, but it's the only thing left to do. 

I can't wait to be on the other side, with our little baby in our arms! To help us prepare Milk & Co (Michael Klim's company) sent us some of their favorite baby products to try! We loved them so much most have become staples in our bathroom. I thought you would like to hear about them so, I've given a little review below. We've found all the products to be gentle on our children's skin and great quality. 

HWM Milk Shampoo and Bath Wash

Bath Time Wash - Bath wash which can also be used as a gentle bubble bath. All of the Milk & Co products are quite thick and gloopy (not thin and runny) so a little goes a long way. This lasts forever. It is lightly scented with lavender. 

Shampoozle + Conditioner - Shampoo and conditioner in one which is ideal for my children who generally don't like to wash their hair. It has a gentle fragrance and works well for Otis who has a dry scalp. I can't pick the fragrance, perhaps a little strawberry/fruity fragrance - it's nice and fresh without being overpowering. It leaves the child's hair shiny, soft and smelling beautiful. While it lathers (see Otis in bottom picture) it doesn't run a lot so it's easy to keep it out of the child's eyes.

Moisturising Qweam - Moisturiser which is thick and absorbent, it leaves the skin silky smooth. We regularly use this without problems on Otis who has sensitive skin. Could be used for a light massage after bath time. I love the feel of this on my hands after applying it on the children, I would happily use it on myself!  

Snotty Grotty Room Spray - I can't tell you how good this is. We are almost out of winter and my kids only got sick a few times, but there were lots of mild runny noses and a few coughs. This is perfect to spray into their room at bedtime or just after a bath. It is incredibly freshening and soothing. You can read all the ingredients here, it contains tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, sandalwood oil and ylang ylang. Smells fantastic. 

Fairy Detangler Hair Detangler - My children don't need a detangler, however, this helps to style their short hair and make it nice and shiny. We use it before going out, to neaten up their hair, especially if we are going out for dinner after school and the boys don't have time to shower. 

HWM Milk Co Baby Bath Wash

All Milk & Co products are Australian made and have gorgeous packaging. They are cruelty-free (don't test on animals) and are paraben free. The baby range isn't just for babies, my children are loving and using all these products. 

Otis washing his hair with Milk Co

Milk & Co products can be found online, in selected Woolworths and Coles store and at Baby Bunting. Selected Milk & Co products are available in the US here (the Australian site ships international). 

Also pictured is the Hevea natural rubber duck and Stokke flexi baby bath (in top images with newborn attachment).

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