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Resources for Setting Up a Montessori Home - My Picks

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We know there is a lot of information online and in books about Montessori. But what is available specifically for new parents setting up a Montessori home? Here are some of my recommendations. 

Book: In a Montessori Home: A parent's guide to preparing the home for children birth to three. This is a booklet (it's brief) and can be hard to get outside of the US. If your children go to a Montessori school, ask for it in the parent library. If you operate a school or are involved in a Montessori community this is a good one to have in the parent library. 

WebsiteThe Montessori Company - Home Environments has lovely interactive illustrations of infant and toddler (birth to three) bedrooms. While this is really useful for bedrooms only, it is really detailed and a fantastic guide. 

Blogs: My favourites are here. Keep in mind that blogs are often very personal. You are taking a peek into someone else's home. This may give you lots of ideas and inspiration or it may not help you in your home environment. I suggest to read widely, note what you like and discard the rest. 

E-CourseThe Montessori Notebook - Setting Up Your Home Montessori Style, online workshop. This is perfect for parents who are committed and ready to make changes in their home. This is self-paced and packed full of information, examples, and support and includes all areas of the home.

If you are close to or if your children go to a Montessori school keep an eye out for any talks or presentations on setting up your home Montessori style, or why not ask if the school can put something on! Also, never be afraid to ask your child's teacher for help and advice.

If you are new to or just starting to look into Montessori in the home, I hope you've found this list helpful! Have a wonderful weekend! 

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