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Around here. Otto's Montessori Nursery Peek (at two weeks).

Otto on floor bed at How we Montessori  at two weeks Sep 2017

A few pictures from around our home this week. Above Otto on his floor bed. He doesn't really sleep here at the moment, he generally sleeps in a co-sleeper in my room. We have a gorgeous Gonzagarredi (Italian) wooden bed frame, which we have removed for the time being, we will start using it once he can crawl in and out of it. We are moving houses in around three months so we haven't entirely baby proofed this room as we normally would have. Once Otto is crawling we will need to reconsider the low plants and cover electrical outlets (and move the lamp). 

Otto on floor bed at How we Montessori  at two weeks Sep 2017

Otto's Montessori wardrobe, which we adore! I really wanted a little wardrobe this time around. I couldn't find anything similar when Otis was little. It will be perfect for the toddler years. If you are looking for a little wardrobe you can find some similar wardrobes in my post here. He has more clothes than is pictured, a few folded clothes are in the crochet and felt baskets. It's been so warm here he has only been wearing a top and a nappy on most days, spring is a lovely time to have a baby in Brisbane!

Otto at two weeks  Montessori infant movement area

Otto's movement area, which I know you have seen before. He has a couple of other playmats around the house but this is where he has his mirror and black and white whale mobile. You can often tell if a child is enjoying the mobile as they will kick their legs and wave their arms about (or they might be perfectly still and deep in concentration!). The topponcino (the thin oval mattress he is lying on) is the best thing ever - I highly recommend it.

Otto on floor bed at How we Montessori  at two weeks Sep 2017

If the room layout isn't making any sense to you, I will post more pictures soon, a full room tour if you like! Also, please feel free to ask any questions about Montessori and the newborn phase, it goes by so fast!  

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