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Friday Book Suggestion: Plant-Powered Families

Plant Powered Families at How we Montessori

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your family meals or snacks or perhaps for the kid's lunchboxes? Throughout my pregnancies I had morning sickness which negatively impacted on the foods I was able to prepare for my children. We ended up eating a lot from the BBQ (my husband's preferred method of cooking) and lots of pasta. Now those days are behind us and we've come into Spring, it's time to freshen up our diet and bring back some colour, lightness, and vitality to our meals! 

As soon as I opened Plant-Powered Families I knew it was for me. It has such wonderful, strong and positive energy. While we are not vegan there is not a recipe in here I wouldn't try. I'm excited to try them all! It not only contains over 100 recipes, the author Dreena also provides lots of easy meal ideas, replacement ideas for traditional meals and food strategies and tips (depending on what your child/ren do and don't like). It's a fabulous resource and really eye-opening as I know about all of these foods but now look at them differently. 

I share Dreena's love of hummus, which she refers to as a food group, and this book contains three good hummus recipes and more tasty dip recipes including artichoke spinach dip, zippy chickpea and white bean dip, Motsa' dip and tzatziki sauce. There are also lots of smoothie, muffin, salad, soup and dessert recipes. Our favourites (other than the hummus recipes) are the No-Bake Granola Bars, Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies, Smoky Bean Chilli, and Ta-Quinos. The Ultimate Teriyaki Stir Fry has great reviews and I can't wait to try it (I desperately need a good stir-fry sauce). All of the recipes are vegan, whole foods plant-based, and many have allergy-friendly options to make them nut-free (for school lunch boxes) or gluten-free.

The recipes are doable and not at all intimidating. I've found them fast to make, no longer than the traditional non-vegan varieties. Dreena often uses whole-grain spelt flour or oat flour and also frequently uses maple syrup as the sweetener. For a 'health' cookbook I was so pleased to find that I didn't need to go out and buy a gazillion new ingredients I possibly wouldn't use again. The foods are basic enough to appeal to most families, fall within an easy skill level to make and are filling and nourishing. They also fulfill my initial requirement - they are full of colour and vitality!  

Plant Powered Families  Hummus at HWM

You can follow Dreena and find out more on the website Plant-Powered Kitchen and on Instagram here. Today I ordered Plant-Powered Dressings! Delicious & Easy Oil-Free Salad Dressings e-book, also by Dreena Burton for only $3 USD at the Plant-Powered Kitchen website.

Let me know if you are a fan of the Plant-Powered Kitchen and if you have any favourite recipes I need to know about. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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