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A few pictures from around our home this week. Above Otto on his floor bed. He doesn't really sleep here at the moment, he generally sleeps in a co-sleeper in my room. We have a gorgeous Gonzagarredi (Italian) wooden bed frame, which we have removed for the time being, we will start using it once he can crawl in and out of it. We are moving houses in around three months so we haven't entirely baby proofed this room as we normally would have. Once Otto is crawling we will need to reconsider the low plants and cover electrical outlets... Read more →

My older boys are currently on school holidays. It's fair to say they haven't received as much attention from me as they usually do. Luckily they can both entertain themselves. They also live in a prepared environment, we don't always get it right, but we strive to provide a home environment that meets their developmental and individual needs. I recently introduced the boys to K'nex. Have you used them before? They are like little building blocks for slightly older children, aimed at children seven to twelve years old. But instead of blocks, the child uses connectors and rods. It's a... Read more →

Montessori Environments to Love - infants and toddlers!

Naturally, I'm looking around for ideas for Montessori infant environments. Here are a few that I've found particularly interesting or different. The last three environments are ideal for toddlers to preschoolers. The above space makes me want a play gym for Otto! I believe it is an environment for the Montessori training for the children of 0 to 3 years at the school Montessori of Bordeaux Gradignan. There are lots of ideas packed in here... balls, skwish, board books, high contrast images, topponcino, mirror with pull-up bar. A functional and practical movement area for a six-month old child. This is... Read more →

Are you looking for some fresh ideas for your family meals or snacks or perhaps for the kid's lunchboxes? Throughout my pregnancies I had morning sickness which negatively impacted on the foods I was able to prepare for my children. We ended up eating a lot from the BBQ (my husband's preferred method of cooking) and lots of pasta. Now those days are behind us and we've come into Spring, it's time to freshen up our diet and bring back some colour, lightness, and vitality to our meals! As soon as I opened Plant-Powered Families I knew it was for... Read more →

I cannot tell you how much I love having a newborn in my arms. I had a very anxious pregnancy but now Otto is here, I have full movement back and I am pain-free, I am loving every moment of the newborn days. The older boys are on school holidays and my husband is on leave. These are the most gentle and rewarding days. It really couldn't get any better. But I remember the early days with my first born and even after my second son was born, I felt a little lost and not as confident. So what exactly... Read more →

I have some good news! Our baby arrived last Friday. His birth was much longer and less natural than anticipated, the third baby doesn't always come faster or easier. However, baby Otto (pictured above) is completely healthy and has spent the last couple of days settling into family life! Caspar and Otis are of course thrilled that their little brother is here. I'll share some more about his nursery and activities in future days and weeks. But for now here are a few articles that I have been enjoying: An Introduction to Practical Life, with beautiful photographs as usual, at... Read more →

Have you ever put together a Puzzle Globe? I've wanted to try it but didn't know how they worked or how hard it would be. We recently gave it a go and it was so much easier and more fun than I had expected. Have a look how it is made! This is a fantastic hands-on learning material for children. Caspar (nine years) put together the globe and was so proud of his accomplishment. We received our Puzzle Globe from Parent Direct as part of Social September, encouraging children to get off screens and to reconnect through play. My children... Read more →

I've never met a child who doesn't love pizza! My children love pizza but are specific about their toppings. Mr Paganini (at South Bank, Brisbane) is our all time favourite place for pizza. We also love to make our own pizza at home! Otis recently made pizza on a playdate (the mum is a wonderful dietician) and he's still talking about it. It's so much fun as a group activity! I love that making pizza is often a family tradition. Our pizza night has slowly moved from a Friday night to a Saturday, but it always has a slow, relaxed... Read more →

Fresh herb sensory basket including handmade mortar and pestle at MELA playgroup. I am frequently asked for activity ideas, especially those that are affordable or use materials found around the home. My advice is always to look around your home and see what may interest your child and to involve your child in your day to day activities as much as possible. I love working with my children in the kitchen and will always look for new or interesting ways to involve them. Both of my children love working with a mortar and pestle, it's a little vigorous, they can... Read more →