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Montessori Environments to Love - infants and toddlers!

Naturally, I'm looking around for ideas for Montessori infant environments. Here are a few that I've found particularly interesting or different. The last three environments are ideal for toddlers to preschoolers. 

The above space makes me want a play gym for Otto! I believe it is an environment for the Montessori training for the children of 0 to 3 years at the school Montessori of Bordeaux Gradignan. There are lots of ideas packed in here... balls, skwish, board books, high contrast images, topponcino, mirror with pull-up bar. 

A functional and practical movement area for a six-month old child. This is a lovely account to follow if you have an infant and/or a toddler.

I love this DIY mobile and this simple set up, just need a mirror, mat (futon or mattress) and low shelves! I love the choice of toys here too, the balls, winkel, bell cylinder and interlocking discs.

This account has lots of different (and mostly DIY) infant mobiles. 

A corner space in the playroom, Mothers Aboard has many beautiful Montessori inspired spaces and is one of my favourite Montessori accounts! 

This bedroom is from the account of Ateliê Montessori where you can order a beautiful range of Montessori furniture (Brazil). It's probably the windows that inspire me the most. The bed has nice high ends which I like and the shelving is of course, perfect. I personally prefer shelving without the back, it feels lighter.

As described in the caption this bedroom is "super airy, simple and full of love ". You must flip through all the images, it's full of colour and well organised. The furniture here makes a big impact. I love the little hooks for bags. The little wardrobe is perfection. I almost have Otto's wardrobe set up, I must take a picture for you soon!  

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