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To Try... Puzzle Globe

How we Montessori start of the puzzle globe from Parents Direct

Have you ever put together a Puzzle Globe? I've wanted to try it but didn't know how they worked or how hard it would be. We recently gave it a go and it was so much easier and more fun than I had expected. Have a look how it is made!

This is a fantastic hands-on learning material for children. Caspar (nine years) put together the globe and was so proud of his accomplishment. 

We received our Puzzle Globe from Parent Direct as part of Social September, encouraging children to get off screens and to reconnect through play. My children love all sorts of puzzles and I always find they promote corporation, concentration and use lots of problem-solving skills.   

Puzzle Globe  Inside numbers at How we Montessori

The globe is made from 180 curved plastic pieces that easily click together. The globe stays together well and doesn't need glue. My kids were quite rough with it and it hasn't come apart. The globe securely fits into the blue swivel stand. The age recommendation is 7-12 years, which I completely agree with. Otis could have made the globe at six years but would have needed a little help. 

The instructions are really clear, each piece is numbered 1 to 180. You start at 1 and follow the little arrows which work in an almost circular way to build the globe. A blue dish-like stand is provided to build the globe on.  It was so much easier than I had expected, I thought the child would need to build the globe looking at the geography only. 

Puzzle Globe being built at How we Montessori

In total it took Caspar around an hour to complete. He worked at it in 20-minute blocks. Otis helped to sort the pieces into tens to make it easier. It was so much fun to see it come together! You can imagine the satisfaction of putting in the last piece.

Puzzle Globe  almost finished at HWM

The globe now sits on the shelves in the boys' bedroom and can be used as a reference for all sorts of geography work! It's a fully functioning globe.

Ravensburger Puzzle Globe from Parents Direct at How we Montessori

The globe has a diameter of 20cm and is a true children's globe featuring animals of the world and some landmarks, which capture the child's attention. 

Ravensburger Puzzle Globe from Parents Direct at How we Montessori

Thank you to Parent Direct for our Puzzle Globe. You can find out more about Social September here

If you are in the US you can find the same Puzzle Globe here

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