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Montessori Finds - what I'm loving (buying and DIYing) on Etsy

Montessori Finds on Etsy  Infants at How we Montessori October 2017

As usual, I've spent some time looking around for new materials. I've been looking ahead to what Otto might need in the upcoming weeks and months. In particular, I'm thinking about grasping materials and a playgym. Here are a few materials that I am loving, buying and DIYing on Etsy this week: 

Rainbow Mini Playsilks - These are 11 inches square. We had a couple of mini playsilks when Otis was little and they were so useful. I've found the larger playsilks are too big and infant can get lost in them. These are good for hanging from a playgym, playing peek-a-boo and for the child's first sensory basket

Sensory Bean Bags -  I love the look of these and they would be easy to DIY if you already had the different fabric types. The reverse side of these is a high contrast fabric. Also by the same seller is the felt ball slingshot which I wish I ordered for Otis (he would love it!) 

Puzzle Ball - These are not at all easy to make. I made one for Otis but I'm seriously considering ordering one this time. These come in different sizes which is nice. In addition to grasping these can also be hung from a playgym or from an overhead hook for the infant to kick or bat at, consider putting a bell in it for an additional effect. The balls pictured have excellent international shipping. If you are willing to pay a little extra (depending on your location) this store in Canada has a lovely selection. 

Grasping beads - These are a nice take on the traditional Montessori grasping beads (and also a possible DIY for the boys). The smaller beads would be easier for the infant to grasp.   

Montessori Rattle (to suspend) - I adore this store but because it's located in France (and international shipping is high) I'm going to DIY this rattle, or similar inspired by this rattle, with help from the boys. I've sourced the bells, wooden ring and beads from Spotlight and Riot Art and Craft Store, I'll post some pictures when we have finished. I just love that this can be personalised and the boys can add their own unique touches. I'm also looking out for other interesting materials that we can hang on the playgym such as rattles and balls.  

Wooden Playgym - As we are moving we won't be suspending any tactile mobiles in our home. In the past, we've used secured hooks in the ceiling (our visual mobiles are suspended on a temporary hook which can be easily removed). As we don't want to repair the damage for such a short-term gain I'm thinking of using a playgym for tactile mobiles (those the child is encouraged to touch, bat, and pull on such as bell or ring on a ribbon). I want something safe, I know this can be DIYed but for the cost, I'll probably go for one similar to the one pictured or this more traditional type (which is almost local to me). Meg has a good tutorial here. There is also a nice tutorial for a similar baby gym at Reading My Tea Leaves

My two older boys are back at school tomorrow and I'll be at home alone for the first time with Otto, it's currently raining here so it will be nice and cozy. This week I'm aiming to make all of our dinners vegan, wish me luck! I hope you have a great week.

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