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Going Palm Oil Free + Ethical Shopping Apps

Palm Free Oil Soap

We recently visited our local Biome store to find they have stopped selling many of our favourite products - our toothpaste, our sunscreen, our dishwashing liquid!! Biome has recently made a commitment not to sell any products containing palm oil. Who knew palm oil was in so many products? I was a little disappointed, these are brands and products we have used for years. On the upside many companies are now reconfiguring their products to remove the palm oil content. It's becoming easier to use online tools and stores like Biome to find palm oil free options. What is wrong with using palm oil, it comes down to the consequences of deforestation

It is difficult though to convince the kids to change the brands and products they are familiar with (cute palm oil free soaps help!). Some brands are palm oil free and others have some products that contain palm oil and some that don't. Here are a few ways we are reducing the amount of palm oil products in our home:

  • Remember that any change is better than no change. Going palm oil free is difficult as it is not labeled in many products. Acknowledge that small changes can make a difference. 
  • Identify and locate stores and brands that are committed to palm oil free products.
  • Become familiar with organisations and logos that are used to indicate products are palm oil free (such as certified by the Orangutan Alliance).
  • Look for palm oil free logos when out shopping and when there is a choice, consider the palm oil free product. 
  • Use online tools to determine which products are palm oil free. 
  • Start the change with palm oil free staple products including foods, soaps, detergents, toothpaste. 
  • Educate and share my personal commitment with the household including my partner and children. 
  • Educate and share our actions with our wider community including friends and family. 
  • Contact State Ministers and advocate for clear and transparent palm oil labeling.

Sometimes a little awareness raising makes an impact. At the supermarket today I easily identified and purchased a few palm oil free products when previously I would not have even noticed. Like it or not family households are large consumers. We can actively create change by making informed decisions. There are a few products we use where the palm oil status is unknown and we debate the advantages of locally made products over those imported, I also love to support locally made and small business products. 

Palm Free Oil Soap

A big thank you to two companies who have recently reached out to us to share their commitment to palm oil free products. If you appreciate hazelnut spread as much as we do, you might like nuttvia, which is delicious, palm oil free and Otis approved! I can't tell you how much he loved sampling this! 

The Chocolate Yogi  Palm Oil Free Chocolate

The Chocolate Yogi is another amazing company going palm oil free (+vegan) and also supports The Orangutan Project. These would be perfect in Christmas stockings - too cute!  

All chocolates and spreads in this post were gifted. Are palm oil free products on your radar? Admittedly it's taken me a while to really become aware of the issue and consider palm oil free products in my shopping. Better late than never! 

Do you have a comprehensive guide for finding safe, ethical and sustainable products (online or apps)? I've recently found Shop Ethical and Good On You (for clothing) and the EWG's Healthy Living app but there must be other resources available? I'd love to hear what you use.

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