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Is the young child capable of concentration? How about a child of one month? How long can they concentrate for? I know that a young child, from birth, is capable of concentration. Sometimes we need to see it ourselves before we can believe it. A young child needs to be given the opportunity to concentrate. They need time and space. They need for us, the adult, to be patient, not... Read more →

Awesome Montessori Playgym Ideas

I'm starting to look around for ideas for Otto's playgym. You know I'm hanging his ball and perhaps a bell on a ribbon, ring on a ribbon and a few other interesting toys. I've been looking around for some inspiration! "When the infant, who has been looking at a toy hanging above him and intuitively reaching for it, finally reaches it and makes it move, this is an exhilirating moment.... Read more →

Otto's Montessori room at six weeks! Above in his change area. We have a wet bag on the room door handle for all the wet things, if we are using disposables we take them out straight away. I've previously written about why I love the change area on the floor, it's so much safer. We have two waterproof pads, one is bamboo and the other is wool. Otto on his... Read more →

This book recently came up in my list of suggested reading. It's beautiful and too good not to share! We are currently loving A family is a family is a family written Sara O'Leary and illustrated by Qin Leng. The story begins with a teacher asking her students what makes their families special. The answers are diverse and heart-warming. Recommended for children 4-7 years of age. A family is a... Read more →

Image: Claudiahausen. Many Montessori parents are attracted to the Pikler approach when their children are infants. There are a lot of similarities between Montessori and Pikler (focus on free movement, respect for the child) but also differences (Pikler has a simplified environment, no mobiles or hanging toys, no high contrast images/low art). I love to read about early childhood education and find Pikler's approach interesting. I also love to read... Read more →

How was your weekend? It was rainy here which allowed us to enjoy some time indoors. Caspar and Otis worked on challenging Lego Technic projects. We also went to the local library which we hadn't done in a long time. It's so invigorating, we always find good books to read. Here are a few Montessori articles and things I've been enjoying: 9 Benefits of Forest Bathing and Why You Need... Read more →

We recently received our order of mini playsilks from Etsy. They are absolutely gorgeous, they are hand dyed and the colours are vibrant. Silk is a beautiful natural fibre, it is a wonderful open-ended material that children of all ages can enjoy. I like the mini size (approximately 11 inches square) for infants as the child is able to play and pick them up without getting lost in them. The... Read more →

Have you been through the process of teaching your children sight words? It can be a little difficult to make the learning fun. Sight words can include puzzle words and high-frequency words. Puzzle words are words that cannot be sounded out or decoded by the child and therefore need to be memorized, making them extra difficult to learn. I've asked teachers for help with this before and have simply received... Read more →

Mobiles are considered to be the child's first work but have you ever wondered what are the benefits of the mobiles, why go to all the effort, what's the big deal? There are physiological and psychological benefits to using the Montessori mobiles with your infant. "The process of myelinization of the nerve fibres is very quick and begins with the eye muscles. The child learns to control them in one... Read more →

We recently visited our local Biome store to find they have stopped selling many of our favourite products - our toothpaste, our sunscreen, our dishwashing liquid!! Biome has recently made a commitment not to sell any products containing palm oil. Who knew palm oil was in so many products? I was a little disappointed, these are brands and products we have used for years. On the upside many companies are... Read more →

I've been making a list of a few toys and materials that Caspar (9yrs) and Otis (6yrs) can make for Otto. I'm thinking of small stuffed toys or perhaps a pillow scented with lavender. Otis would love to do some more sewing. A few other toys come to mind immediately, toys inspired by the Montessori Grasping Beads, Ring on a Ribbon and the Bell on a Ribbon. We've used: a... Read more →

What a week it's been! I'm so relieved the weekend is here. Thank you to those who responded to my request for help on Facebook. While I'm not feeling a hundred percent, I am improving. Are you looking for some interesting reading for the weekend? Here are a few articles that I'm loving: DIY Geometry Boards at Herbstkinder. This would be perfect for Otis (6yrs), Dramatic Shopping Game for Addition... Read more →

As usual, I've spent some time looking around for new materials. I've been looking ahead to what Otto might need in the upcoming weeks and months. In particular, I'm thinking about grasping materials and a playgym. Here are a few materials that I am loving, buying and DIYing on Etsy this week: Rainbow Mini Playsilks - These are 11 inches square. We had a couple of mini playsilks when Otis... Read more →