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Awesome Montessori Playgym Ideas

Otto's Montessori Room - at Six Weeks

Otto's montessori room  with playgym

Otto's Montessori room at six weeks! Above in his change area. We have a wet bag on the room door handle for all the wet things, if we are using disposables we take them out straight away. I've previously written about why I love the change area on the floor, it's so much safer. We have two waterproof pads, one is bamboo and the other is wool.

Otto's montessori room  with playgym

Otto on his movement mat and under the Octahedron mobile.

Otto's montessori room  with playgym

Little wardrobe! This will be perfect once he is a toddler. 

Top of wardrobe at How we Montessori

Night light, diffuser and things. 

Ottos montessori room at six weeks at How we Montessori

The playgym is currently in his room however we will move it into our living areas once he starts using it more. At six weeks he isn't batting the ball but he loves to kick at it. 

Otto's montessori infant shelves at How we Montessori

Montessori infant shelves. I keep on changing these around and most often the baskets are out next to the movement mat. 

Otto's montessori room  with playgym

Cute rainbow, grasping beads and bell rattle.

Our felt ball rug is c/o Felt Ball Rugs Australia. Bell rattle is c/o Montessori Shop. I've tried to show the layout of the room. We will be moving once Otto is three to four months so I haven't worried too much about babyproofing or making any permanent changes to the room. Otto doesn't sleep here in the evenings, he sleeps in a cosleeper next to me. His brothers love playing with him in here and most of all at six weeks Otto loves kicking his legs and waving his arms at the mirror.

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