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Finnish Designed and Australian Made - Tuutu Baby Box

Baby In a Box  Finnish Designed Australian Made at How we Montessori

Are you looking an awesome gift for a new or expectant mum? Perhaps for a sister, best friend, daughter or daughter-in-law? I would have bought this for my sister for her first or second baby, or even for myself. The idea is brilliant!

The Tuutu Baby Box is inspired by the Finnish Government maternity package, which is gifted to every expectant mother in Finland. The box is filled with the essentials every new parent needs. Running since 1938, Finland has given out more than 3 million boxes in total, and more than 40,000 boxes annually! The focus on quality necessities and providing a safe sleeping space is why it continues to be such a successful program.

The box is used as a bed for the baby, it's lid can double as a changing table, and it can later be used as a storage box for toys or become a toddler’s toy itself. The box is packed full of the most useful products for new parents. Nappies - check! Clothes - check! Sheet, wraps, wipes, baby wash - it's all here. Our Tuutu Baby Box, as pictured is c/o Tuutu

Co-founder of the Tuutu Baby Box, Susanna, started her life sleeping in the baby box: "As a nurse, I understand the importance of sleep that your newborn baby needs. Finnish Baby Box is calm and cozy sleep environment where your baby feels safe and cared for. I really wanted to introduce this sustainable Finnish concept to Australian mothers and to help them to embrace the Finnish way of parenting.”

Baby in a Box Contents

The Tuutu Baby Box  has everything a new parent is going to need. As I opened it and went through the items I was all "yes, yes, yes!!". It's really an exciting gift to receive. All of the items are practical, most of them are essential and they are all the good brands that I would buy. The clothing, for example, has three different sizes and styles by the Australian organic brand Purebaby. All three of my kids have worn Purebaby, it's really soft for the newborn's skin.

Baby in a Box at How we Montessori  Pure Baby Clothing and Bamboo sheet  cloths and wraps

So what exactly is in the Tuutu Baby Box? Our box contained;

  • Tuutu Baby Box with Lid 
  • Tuutu Baby Box Care Instructions booklet
  • Mattress with Waterproof Cover Sheet
  • Gaia Baby Shampoo 
  • Gaia Bath and Body Wash
  • Natural Clare Valley Tuutu Baby Massage Oil  - yes, this will encourage more infant massage!!
  • Large Natural Wooden Ring (for Teething or Play)
  • 2 x Purebaby Organic Rib Bodysuits Size Newborn 000
  • 2 x Purebaby Organic Longsleeve Bodysuits Size 3-6 Months 00
  • Purebaby Organic Zip Growsuit Size 6-12 Months 0
  • Purebaby Organic Mittens
  • Purebaby Organic Booties 
  • Bubba Blue Bamboo Bassinet Fitted Sheet
  • Bubba Blue Bamboo 3 Pack Muslin Wraps
  • Bubba Blue Bamboo Bib & Burp Cloth Set
  • 10 x Biodegradable Nappies by LuvMe
  • Little Innoscents Organic Paw Paw Balm
  • Little Innoscents Baby Wipes (80 Pack)
  • The Apple of Your Eye Complete Baby Change Kit (includes nappy, change mat, wipes and nappy disposal bag) 
  • Baby Beehinds Magical Multi Fit Cloth Nappy (which doubles as swim nappy) - yes, this will encourage more mums to try cloth nappies!!
  • Baby Beehinds Wash Cloth
  • Baby Beehinds Reusable Bra Pads
  • Cloth bag full of brochures, information sheets and product discounts. 

Baby in a Box  change table at How we Montessori

As above, the lid can be used as a change table. It's the perfect size! The large wooden ring (for grasping or as a teether) comes in the box too! 

Otto sleeping in Baby in a Box

Can a baby sleep actually sleep in the box? Absolutely. The mattress is firm and it fits the box perfectly. Otto is pictured above at nine weeks, he is possibly on the larger side and he sleeps there perfectly, this sleep was well over three hours.

The Baby Box would also be a great idea for Grandparents, so they always have spare clothes, nappies on hand and a safe sleeping place. You could even buy it for yourself so you know you have the essentials covered, especially if you are close to your due date and haven't started shopping. 

Thank you to Tuutu for our Baby Box, every item has been thoroughly used and appreciated. You can find out more about the Baby Box on the Tuutu website, Facebook or Instagram.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Would you use a Baby Box with your little one? Please let me know if you used a Baby Box or if you are from Finland.

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